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"Nothing can be changed until it is faced."

-James Baldwin

Welcome to Healing Generations Psychological Services and Consultation Center, where our goal is to provide high-quality care to empower you to take control of your mental health and your life.  We specialize in providing individual and couples therapy through a cultural lens to make sure that everyone feels seen, heard, and safe in the therapy space.

Telehealth services are available to residents of Maryland,

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Black Mental Health in America: Redefining Resilience


The You Are Not Alone Campaign is dedicated to encouraging open conversations surrounding mental health in the Black community


It is important that we normalize conversations around Black mental health and well-being, but this also requires an acknowledgement of the systems that have created the mistrust of the mental health field in the Black community. From there we can build systems that are culturally sensitive and specific to the mental health needs of the Black community to build trust, decreased stigma, and healing. community.It’s time to expand our view on what it means to be strong.

View the full interview with Dr. Cammack

How to Protect Your Mental Health From the Relentless News Cycle.

The news is painful to watch. Here's how Black people can cope.

I'm a Black Therapist. This Is My Advice on How to Protect Your Mental Health From the Relentless News Cycle.

As Black women, as Black mothers, as Black people living in America in general, this past year has been so much more than one (very devastating) pandemic. It has been a year of reliving our own personal connections to these public moments of Black trauma and it is exhausting. Where do we get to feel safe?


12 Resources for Black Women Seeking Mental Health Support 

12 Resources for Black Women Seeking Mental Health Support  is a great resource for Black women who are looking for guidance on their mental health path, including looking for a therapist, a support group, a community, free educational materials, financial aid, or self-care podcasts. 


4 Female Psychologists Create Mental Health Company for Black Community

4 Female Psychologists Create Mental Health Company for Black Community.  Meet Dr. Nicole Cammack, Dr. Danielle Busby, Dr. Dana Cunningham and Dr. Jessica Henry, a group of four psychologists setting out to make waves with their company Black Mental Wellness. While each of the women brings unique experiences and expertise to the table, the team is united behind one mission: "We're really trying to break down that stigma about mental health services in the Black community.


One Way to be an Ally Right Now? Support Black Mental Health.

One Way To Be An Ally Right Now? Support Black Mental Health.  "In order for progress to truly happen, we need our allies to respect, promote and cherish Black mental health during a time when Black people are faced with such pain." This articles highlights ways that for non-Black people to be an effective ally and supporter of Black mental health.


Black Mental Wellness, Corp.

Black Mental Wellness, Corp., is an organization founded by licensed clinical psychologists who joined together to decrease the mental health stigma within the Black community, provide evidence-based resources to empower people seeking support, and free resources related to coping and wellness.  


Written by a team of experts in Black mental health and wellness and grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this workbook offers evidence-based strategies to help you manage emotions in the face of race-based stress due to microaggressions, implicit bias, overt racism, and vicarious racism. You’ll also learn to find strength in your racial and cultural identity, and gain the skills needed to resist racism and thrive. 

If you are interested in requesting Dr. Cammack for your next event or any media requests, please complete the Speaking Engagement Request Form.

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